Our ECO-Friendly Products... 
We are always looking for products that meet our demand for environmentally friendly products. With all the choices today, it’s not hard to go green!

Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning

The purpose of us using green cleaning products is to minimize the impact of the cleaning products on the health of the occupants and on the environment.

Our use of green cleaning products allows us to eliminate the presence of chemicals in the air and consequently, in our lungs, rivers and forests.

Health Benefits of Green Cleaning

Cleaning products used by traditional cleaning companies contribute greatly to the poor air quality inside buildings. More than half of the chemical products contain ingredients that are detrimental to our health and to the environment. The vast majority of cleaning products contain high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can cause headaches and other symptoms among building occupants.

Some of the cleaning products even contain carcinogens, while other chemical products are known to cause organ damage, congenital defects, liver damage and neurological problems.

Some studies have shown that 30% of office workers suffer from health issues due to the poor air quality in buildings, also known as sick building syndrome (SBS).